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Letters: L, M & N
Color: Purple
Numbers: 8 & 9
Shape: Diamond
Opposite:  Little-Big
Self Study/manners:  Picking up toys
Safety Issues:  Crossing the street
Exploring: The Sky
Matching:  Blankets
Community:  Child Care Provider
Animal Study:  Monkey Puppet
Animal Study:  Lamb Hat
Special:  Music maker
Special: Black History Month
Special:  Good manners
Food Study:  Grains

Music Program:

Week 1:  We are ending our communication skills unit this week.  An important part of communication is listening.  Music activities this week will require attention, memory, and following directions.  We will listen to the "Hello Song" and individually will repeat it into the microphone.  Next we will move and follow directions to "The Freeze Dance" and also "Octopus."  Then we will use our scarves to mix a batch of "Popcorn" and play our sticks to "Rhythms on Parade."  We will finish by rocking to "Beauty and the Beast."

Week 2:   We are ringing in the New Year by starting our Motor Skills Unit this week.  We will start by warming our bodies up to “The Movement Medley.”  Next, we will learn sign language for “Happy New Year” and then we will use it for the song, “Hurray!”  Bean bags will help us with our motor coordination in the “Beanie Bag Dance.”  We will play our instruments to “A New Year on Our Calendar” and will finish by creatively moving our scarves to “Auld Lang Syne.”

Week 3:   An echo song about “Martin Luther King” will get us moving to the music.  Everyone will take turns playing the drum to “Somebody’s Knocking at Your Door.”  We will walk “Hand in Hand” around our circle with our friend and sing about Dr. King, and move on our way to the “Freeze.”  (When the music stops, we will stop!)  Finding the steady beat and rocking slowly to “A Man Named King” will end our day.

Week 4:   We will start the day by clapping, shaking, stretching, swinging and hopping to the tune of "Let's All Clap Our Hands Together."  Some of my stuffed animal friends will help us discover the steady beat of music as we will rock to "Together."  "Old MacDonald Had a Band" will introduce us to some rhythm instruments.  Finding the beat and playing to "I Believe in Music" will end our day.