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Letters: O, P, Q
Color: Pink
Numbers: 10, 11
Shape: Heart
Opposite:  Left-Right
Self Study:  Sleeping
Safety Issues:  Buckle Up
Exploring: Farm Animals and life style
Matching:  Cars
Community:  Presidents'
Animal Study:  Prickly Porcupine
Animal Study:  Owl
Special:  Ground Hog Garden
Special: Heart Collage
Special:  Winter Study
Food Study:  Exploring "Healthy Snacks"

Music Program:

Week 1:  Animals will be the theme for this week.  We will start by moving around like bunnies, cows, chickens and other farm animals.  Next, “Silly Sam the Snealey Sake” showed us how to shake up high and down low.  During “Shoo Fly” we will wiggle like a worm, jump like a kangaroo, swim like a fish and tiptoe as a mouse.  We will finish by moving and playing to “All the Pretty Little Ponies.”

Week 2:  Frogs are the theme for this week.  We will start by moving like a frog, cat, bird, bunny, elephant, and fish to “Can you leap like a Frog?”  Next, we will sing to a book called “Little Green Frog.”  Then, we will count from 5 to 0 on our fingers in “Five Little Frogs.”  After that we will use frog puppets and jump to “Jump Frog” and pass a squeeze frog around to “In the Pond.”  We will finish by playing our instruments to a song sung by Kermit, “Frogs in the Glen.”

Week 3:  Our theme for class today is Love!  We will start by moving and taking turns playing the drum to “Heart Beat, Drum Beat.”  “Be My Valentine” is a fun song that will encourage rhythmic clapping and passing.  Basic sign language and dance steps will be introduced in “Skinnamirink.”  Lummi sticks will help us keep the steady beat as we will tap along to the reggae tune, “Love Power.”

Week 4:  Transportation is the theme for this week.  We will start by warming up to the “Freeze.”  Next we will go on a road trip to “Riding in My Car” and we will make all the motions of driving a car.  Then we will start working and learning note values to “Walking Notes.”  After that we will play our triangles to “Fire Truck.”  We will finish by moving our scarves to “Riding in An Airplane.”


Ms. Laura's House of Stories:


February 2 & February 9