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Letters: U, V, W
Color: Silver & Gold
Numbers: 14
Shape: Octagon
Opposite:  Up-Down
Self Study:  My "Heart"
Safety Issues:  No pushing!
Exploring: Exploring Bugs/Insects
Matching:  Hats
Community:  Veterinarian
Animal Study:  Woodpecker
Animal Study:  Whale
Special:  Rainbow Trout
Special: Rainbows
Special:  Bird Study
Food Study:  What is a balanced meal?

Music Program:

Week 1:  No class this week.  Becky is on vacation in sunny Florida!!!

Week 2:  Welcome to our Academic Skills unit where we are introducing the basic notation, music terms, instruments and nonmusical pre-academics.  “Leader of the Band” allows everyone to conduct our group with the baton.  We associate red and green with music concepts of playing and resting.  After singing the “Traffic Light Song”, we will move to the “Freeze.”  Finally, we will play and rest our instruments to “Pause” and finish by moving our scarves to “Your Heart Will Lead You Home.”

Week 3:  Piano and Forte (quiet and loud) are music concepts that will be introduced in our hello song “Say Hello.”  We will echo the words and sing along.  We will move and make sounds with the mouse ‘Piano’ and monster ‘Forte’ to “The Mice Go Marching.”  We will listen to loud and quiet music and choose the symbols accordingly.  We will finish by playing our instruments loudly and quietly and gently move the parachute to “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.” 

Week 4:  Earth Day is April 22nd.  Today we will enjoy songs about the importance of our earth and caring for it.  After warming up we will play a drum to a Native American song, “The Earth is Our Mother” and then our lummi sticks to “It’s A Small, Small World.”  We will talk about how things grow and move to “You Are My Sunshine.”  “Don’t Throw Your Junk In My Backyard” parachute activity will teach us the importance of recycling and picking up trash to keep our world clean.

Week 5:  We are experiencing Highs and Lows this week in music.  We will warm up to "Bop Till You Drop" by dancing and moving up and down.  Next we will learn the difference between high and low notes by singing about fish, stars and spiders.  After that we will play our instruments to "Up So High" and "Silly Sam."  We will finish by moving our scarves to "Look Up High, Look Down Low."


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