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Letters: X, Y & Z
Color: Yellow
Numbers: 15
Shape: Shape review
Opposite:  Shut-Open
Self Study:  My phone number & address
Safety Issues:  Fire Safety
Exploring: Parades
Matching:  Shapes to pictures
Community:  Construction worker
Animal Study:  Yellow Canary
Animal Study:  Zebra
Special:  Growing Grass
Special: Summer begins
Special:  Little Creatures in the wild
Food Study:  "No, super size, please"

Music Program:

Week 1:  Machines are the theme this week.  We will start by dancing like all kinds of Machines to “Dancin Machine.”  Then we will listen and hammer along to “Bling Blang.”  We will talk about all the different kinds of machines used to build houses and roads.  Next everyone will share their “Favorite Machine” as we dance and then we will finish with everyone playing drums to “Peter Hammers.”  Can we fix it?  Yes we can!!

Week 2:  We will start our day by moving together to “Can’t Sit Still.”  Big Bird and other sesame street friends will introduce us to Orchestra instruments and classical selections from Mozart, Purcell, and Gershwin.  After learning about the Orchestra, we will play all the instruments in our “Finger Band” and listen to Becky’s violin play songs we know.  We will finish by playing instruments to “Rock-n-Roll Band.”

Week 3 Our theme this week is numbers.  We will start off by clapping and counting to "Carolina in the Morning."  Next we will read, sing and count a book called "Over in the Meadow."  Then we will count and move our sticks to "Mickey Mouse March."  "The Ants Go Marching" will be perfect to play our instruments to, and we will finish with the "Number Rock."  

Week 4:  We will start this week by finding a partner and moving to “We’re All Together Again.”  Next we will sing and read a book called “Howdi Do” and we will practice greeting people.  Then we will play catch with our partners to “Say Say Little Playmate” and we will play our instruments to “This Land is Your Land.”  We will finish by cooling down to “You’ve Got a Friend In Me.”

Week 5:  Moving to “Children Of The Rainbow” is a great way to start color day!  Next, we will read about colors in our pop-up color book.  We will use bandannas for the “Rainbow of Colors” – when our color is called, we will move to the center of the circle for a solo.  We will use a rainbow picture and sing everyone’s favorite “The Rainbow Song.”  Colored lummi sticks will end our day and like earlier, we will only play when our color is called.

Wondertime Program:

Week 1:  This week’s theme is “R” for Rainbows.  Rainbows are an incredible display of color in nature!  We will learn a bit about what causes that wonderful display in the sky.  We will read Rainbows of Color and see the different ways color is displayed in our everyday lives.  Spanish colors and ASL signs:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.  Under The Rainbow - sung to "Up On The Housetop"

First comes the rain cloud passing by
Dropping raindrops in my eye
Then comes the sunshine up so high
Now a rainbow in the sky
Yea-Yea-Yea who wouldn't go
Under the rainbow, yes, siree,
Under the rainbow you and me

Ms. Laura's House of Stories:

Week 1:  This is Ms. Laura's last week here.  She will be back in the fall to start the program up again.  Today's theme was picnic.  We started off by singing "Who's coming to the Picnic?", "Who would like to eat ice cream?".  Then we played some food games that we might bring on a picnic such as Peanut Butter Betty.  Then we will build a sandwich matching game.  Finally, we will read "Peanut Butter and Jelly" 

Art Program:

Week 1:  With Cinco de Mayo being this week, we are going to create mini sombreros and maracas.

Week 2:  We will make mini ice cream cones to go with our picnic theme this week.