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Letters – Review

Rhymes:  “My Fingers Can Snap”, “Dance with Me”, “Let’s Put on a Show”

Summer Safety

Health Topic:  Drinking Plenty of Water

Flag Day

Musical Instruments

Opposites:  Loud/Quiet

Music Program:

Week 1:  This week we will continue to learn new musical notation.  We will start with a favorite, “Can’t Sit Still” then we will work on making our own rhythm improvisation to “Somebody’s Knockin” on the drum.  We will continue by playing rhythmic patterns to “Woodpecker” and we will practice resting to “Shake and Stop.”  We will finish by moving our streamers to “Surfin USA.”

Week 2:  Our theme this week is numbers.  We will start off by clapping and counting to “Carolina in the Morning.”  Next we will read, sing and count a book called “Over in the Meadow.”  Then we will count and move our sticks to “Mickey Mouse March.”  “The Ants Go Marching” will be next where we will play our instruments to, and we will finish with the “Number Rock.”

Week 3:  This week we will continue our Academic Unit by learning about transportation.  We will start by moving to the “Freeze Dance” and then take a drive in “My Car-Car.”  Next we will review our music notes in “Walking Notes” and play our instruments to “Fire Truck.”  We will finish by “Riding in an Airplane.”

Week 4:  We are starting our Socialization Skills Unit this week.  Our world travel begins here in America .  We are celebrating Independence Day by dancing and moving to “Fireworks.”  Next we will our flashlights to “This Little Light of Mine.”  Then we will play our special stars to “When the Flags Come Marching In.”  We will then finish by waving flags to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s “Star Spangled Banner.”

Spanish Program:

Week 1:  This week we are going to continuing with our alphabet Letra P.  We are going to make and read a book "Pequeno". 

el pez

ehl PETH


el pinguino

ehl peenGWEEno


el pulpo

Ehl poolh poh


el policía

ehl policia


el perro

ehl PErro


Week 2:  This week we are going to be putting together a book about ourselves which will cover questions such as ¿Cómo te llamas? (What is your name?), ¿Cuántos años tienes? (How old are you?), ¿De qué color son los ojos? (What color are your eyes?), ¿De qué color es el pelo? (What color is your hair?), ¿Tienes hermanos/hermanas? (How many brothers/sisters do you have?) ¿Cuál es la fecha de su cumpleaños? (What date is your birthday?) and more questions we will answer. 

Week 3:  This week we will continue with our alphabet Letra Q and make our Q books.  We are also continuing working on our calendars for the month of Junio.

el queso

ehl KEsso


el quiosco

Ehl key aus koh

stand, booth

el quetzal

Ehl ket sahl


Week 4:  No Class

Art Program:

Week 1:  Continuing on our recycling unit, we will make coasters out of the top of plastic containers and use pictures from old magazines and decorate the coasters with a variety of sequences, colored papers etc.


Week 2:  This week we will make flowers out of recycled products using egg cartons, mini paper cupcakes, beads and other items to create our perfect flowers.


Week 3:  Mosaics are made of tiny colored pieces of stone, pottery, glass or other materials, arranged together and set in plaster or cement to make patterns and images. They can be used to decorate a floor, a wall or in some cases a ceiling. Mosaics have a long history. They were created in Ancient times in Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. When the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum (which were buried under lava when Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79) were rediscovered, many wonderful mosaics were found.  Since we are continuing our recycling unit, we are going to be making paper mosaics using beans.  We will cut out our first initial in our name and glue beans on thick cardstock.  When it is dry, we will use magnetic tape so that we may hang our work up on the refrigerator. 


Week 4:  No Class