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Story:  "The Tortoise and the Hare"

Value:  Taking Turns

Health:  Eye Health

Rhymes:  "I Like to Play", "Taking Turns", "Blow Some Bubbles"  

Sports:  Baseball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball

Review Colors

Playground Fun


Jump Rope

Flying Discs


Board Games

Outside Art

Music Program:

Week 1:  We’re celebrating Cowboys today!  Everyone will have a chance to give their favorite cowboy “hoot” or “holler” in the microphone!  “Hurry Little Pony” will help us find the beat, and then we will use the ponies ‘Peaches’ and ‘Blackie’ and move to some western tunes.  Lummi sticks will be used to tap along to “I’d Like To Be A Cowgirl” and we will finish around the campfire to “Happy Trails.”

Week 2:  For the next two weeks we will be working with partners.  We will start by moving with our partners to “Bop Till You Drop.”  Next we will learn sign language for the word friend and use it in “Please Be a Friend of Mine.”  After that, we will toss a ball to our partner and sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”  Next we will pass a ball around the circle to “Hot Potato.”  We will play our instruments to “We Go Together” and we will finish with the scarves singing “You Got a Friend In Me.”

Week 3:  We will continue with our partners this week.  We will take turns singing “Hello” to our partner with the microphone.  We will move to the “Chicken Dance”, swinging our partner and doing crazy moves to other familiar tunes.  We will row a boat with our partner to an all drum version of “Row Your Boat.”  Then we will finish our day by playing two piece instruments with our partner working together to make music.

Week 4:  We will continue our socialization unit with a friendship theme this week.  We will begin by “Shake Hands With A Good Friend” and learn how to shake hands.  Next we will move together with my stuffed animals to “Friends Forever” and dance to “A Visit To My Friend.”  We will continue with a special story called “A Book of Friends” and end our day by marching and playing the “Friendship March.”

Travel Tots Program:

Week 1:  Adventures in Geography - Italy.  This week we will learn about the country Italy.  Some animals of Italy are Ibex/Shark/Squid/Badger/Otter/Wolf/Wild boar/Eagle/Wild Goats.  Foods in Italy are Pizza, pasta, meatballs, breads and cheeses.  We also will talk about Gondolas and the infamous leaning tower of Pisa.

Week 2:  Adventures in Motion - Italy.  We will play Italian National Anthem March, Tarantella Rhythm sticks, Leaning Tower of Pisa Noodle Tag, Pizza Toss, Car Racing, and many more games using the theme of Italy.

Spanish Program:

Week 1:   EL PARQUE - Playground.  We will introduce new words for playground equipment.  Next, we will read a story about "Yo puedo" - all the things I can do outside and at a playground.    (El Parque.wav)

la arena
lah ah-REH-nah
las barras
lahs BAHR-rahs
(monkey) bars
los columpios
los coh-LOOM-peeyohs
la escalera
lah ehs-cah-LEH-rah
la llanta
lah YAHN-tah
tire (swing)
la pala y el cubo
ehl PAH-lah ee ehl COOH-boh
shovel and pail
la resbaladilla
lah rehs-bah-lah-DEE-yah
el subibaja
ehl sooh-bee-BAH-hah


Week 2:  This week we will learn La Letra "S"

el sol

ehl SOL


la sandía

lah  SA-dee-a


la serpiente

lah sehr-pee-EHN-teh


el sapo

el SApo


el sobre

ehl  so-bray



Week 3:  No class. 

Week 4:   This week we will learn La Letra "T"

el tiburón



la tortuga

lah tortooga


la Tierra



el teléfono

ehl teLEFono


el tigre

ehl TEEgray



Art Program:

Week 1:  Continuing on printmaking, this week we are going to make a paint collage by using vegetables prints.  


Week 2:  Using puzzle pieces we will arrange them on cardboard and then make prints with them coming up with different puzzle pictures.


Week 3:  No class.


Week 4:  Monoprinting is a process whereby only one print is pulled from the printing plate.  Today we are going to make a half page print and then over the other half of the clean paper press down to create a perfect copy - monoprinting.