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Letters: G, H & I
Color: Brown
Numbers: 5 & 6
Shape: Rectangle
Opposite:  Cold-Hot
Self Study:  My Feet
Safety Issues:  Stop Sign
Exploring: Snow
Matching:  Balls
Community:  Doctor
Animal Study:  Hippopotamus
Animal Study:  Gold Fish
Special:  Candy Corn Wreath
Special: Pilgrims & Native Americans
Special:  Five Senses
Food Study:  Fruit

Music Program:

Week 1:  Piano and Forte (quiet and loud) are music concepts that will be introduced in our hello song called "Say Hello" this week.  We will echo the words and sing along.  We will move an make sounds with the mouse named 'Piano' and the monster named 'Forte' to "The Mice Go Marching."  Next we will listen to loud and quiet music and chose the symbols accordingly.  We will finish by playing our drums loudly and quietly to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Week 2:  This week our theme is animals.  We will start by making all kinds of animal noises to "Down on Grandpa's Farm."  Next we will read "Snappy Little Animals" and then move like some of the animals to "Shoo Fly."  After that, we will play our instruments to "Momma Don't Allow" and finish by rocking to the Lion King's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

Week 3: This week is Turkey theme.  We will start by warming up our bodies to "Can't Sit Still."  We will enjoy passing around a turkey to "Hello Mr. Turkey" and give him a big hug as he goes around the circle.  Next we will hold up our Turkey pictures and march around to "Turkey on the Farm."  "We Are Thankful" will be a perfect song for sign language, and we will learn to sing "I'm a Little Turkey."  We will finish by playing our instruments to "Let's Make Some Noise" and move our parachute to "Your Heart Will Lead You Home."  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Week 4:  For the next three weeks, we will be singing and moving to all types of holiday and winter songs.  This week we will start with "Sleigh Ride" to warm up our bodies and voices.  We will use bells to help us "Sing a Song of Winter."  "Little Snowflake" will teach us how to be snowflakes.  Then we will play our instruments to "Winter Wonderland" and finish with scarves to "Snowflakes Falling from the Sky."

Ms. Laura's House of Stories (click on the date below to find out what we are exploring):

Thursday, November 1

Thursday, November 8 & Thursday, November 15

Thursday, November 29