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Letters: A, B & C
Color: Blue
Numbers: 1 & 2
Shape: Circle
Opposite:  In--Out
 What is an ant?

 Body parts of an ant

Ant prints and Egg carton Ants

 Growth stages of an ant

 Ants Go Marching In – songs and books


 Parts of an apple

 Sequencing with apples

Setting up an apple selling stand

Oxidation of apples

Making apple shakers

 Constitution Day – September 17

Spanish Heritage Month – September 15 – October 15

Music Program:

Week 1:  “Children of the World” encourages us to shake hands, sing along and roll the globe to our friends.  We will sing a story “What is Your Language?” and we will move to the new musical styles – Reggae, Latin, African and Rock-n-Roll.  We will travel to China, Japan, Russia and Vietnam for our rhythm stick music.  Lullabies from France, Germany and Ireland will end our day.

Week 2:  Apples will be the theme this week.  We will sing hello to “Wiggly Woo” worm that lives in an apple.  Next we will warm up to “Red Robin.”  Then we will share some facts about apples and play “Pass the Apple” and move to “Apple Tree.”  After that we will play instruments to “Apples and Bananas” and play the game “Pickin’ up Apples, Put Um in the Basket.”  We will finish by dancing to “Rocking Robin.”

Week 3:  We will celebrate the first day of fall this week.  Our theme is autumn leaves.  We will start by moving like leaves falling from the trees to “Autumn Leaves.”  Then we will learn sign language for the colors red, yellow, orange, and brown to help us sing “Leaves, Leaves, Leaves.”   We will enjoy making sounds like the wind and crunching noises to “Leaves” and play our shakers to “Gray Squirrel.”  We will finish by coloring a leaf picture while listening to music from “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.”

Week 4:  We are starting our communication skills unit this week.  An important part of communication is listening!  Music activities this week require attention, memory, and following directions.  We will listen to “Hello Song” and individually we will repeat it into the microphone.  Next we will move and follow directions to “The Freeze Dance” and also “Octopus.”

Laura's House of Stories (click on the link below to find out what we are exploring):

September 12 and September 19

September 26