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Letters: R, S, T
Color: Green
Numbers: 12, 13
Shape: Oval
Opposite:  Night-Day
Self Study:  Sharing
Safety Issues:  Holding Infants/Infant Safety
Exploring: Taking a walk
Matching:  T-Shirts
Community:  Nurse
Animal Study:  Seed Rooster
Animal Study:  Creepy Spider
Special:  Popcorn Wreath
Special: Special Shamrock
Special:  Spring Begins
Food Study:  A.M. "Jump Start"

Music Program:

Week 1:  Our classroom is filled with sunshine today!  We will sing and move to "Spread A Little Sunshine."  Lummi sticks will be used as sunbeams for "Walk Around the Sun", and then we will 'Grow' to "You Are My Sunshine."  After singing along to "I Love the Sun," we will end our day with the rhythm instruments playing along to "Sunshine Medley."

Week 2:  Today we will learn about St. Patrick’s Day.  We will start by moving around to “St. Patrick’s Day Is Here.”  Next we will count our Shamrocks to “How Many Shamrocks.”  Then we will learn a new dance called “Irish Jig.”  We will then play our instruments to “Eensy, Weensy Leprechaun” and then we will finish by moving our ring scarves to “Rocks of Braun.”

Week 3:  will be posted soon.

Week 4:  A variety of motor activities will encourage rhythmic coordination this week!  We will begin with our lummi sticks and “Tap Your Sticks.”  A singing activity will encourage everyone to demonstrate a motor skill.  Lots of musical sounds inspire us to move in “Listen and Move.”  We will end our day with balls – first “Roly Poly” and then “Mash the Trash” – getting the balls back into the bucket.



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