Provider who lived in a Shoe
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Provider Who Lived In A Shoe

There was a provider who lived in a shoe
But being professional, she knew just what to do.
She made best use of the space she could spare,
And set up her home for family childcare.
She registered with the state, called USDA,
Checked in with her R&R the very next day.
She knew she would need help in her situation;
The answer was joining a provider association.
She took CPR and First Aid Classes too,
And brushed up on all the things kids like to do.
She advertised, interviewed, contracted, and then
She counted the kids carefully--no more than ten.
She fed them good foods and recorded it too,
She potty-trained Jake; helped Mark tie his shoe.
Collected art items and made a new batch of clay
And cut out cute pictures for a new theme's display.
She diapered, she bandaged, and she wiped every nose.
She comforted Tim when Sue stepped on his toes.
She cooked and she washed, scrubbing floors, scraping glue
She recorded attendance; did her bookkeeping, too.
She wrote parents notes home 'bout the kids in her care,
Anecdotes and concerns that they'd want to share.
She read to the children while they sit in her lap
And she sang to them softly when they started to nap.
She called a provider who was feeling depressed,
She spoon-fed the baby, then got him redressed.
She picked up and dusted when they went out the door,
She updated records, picked up toys and mopped the floor.
She started the laundry, checked the mail, made a list
Of the groceries she needed and the chores that she'd missed.
She collapsed in a chair and put up her feet,
Then in came her family wanting something to eat.
She fed them all quickly, heard their stories, gave them hugs,
Then she rapidly washed up all the dished and mugs.
As the family retired at the end of the day
She got out some books to study for her CDA.
She reflects on her day, in her eye there's a gleam,
For this provider is developing pride and esteem.
She works a long day and the pay isn't fair,
But the kids that she works with get quality care.
Their parent's commute to their work sites each day,
Concerns about childcare aren't in their way.
They are free to produce at a marvelous rate,
Which benefits business all over the state.
If you live in a big house or even a shoe,
Great is the work a provider can do.
Be proud, stand up tall, wear a smile on your face,
You are helping tomorrow be a much better place.
~Sandi Dean